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Sunday, January 27, 2008

About GRE scores

Ever since I published my GRE scores on this blog, many people write to me asking me how to prepare etc. After writing the nth email with the same content, I thought I'll write the "official" answer here once and for all.

This is the "official" answer to "What advice can you give me on how to prepare for the GRE"?.

The answer is "Nothing"!

I skimmed the Barron's guide vocabulary section and the (16 iirc) sections (in the same guide) for the quantitative section to refresh my memory one day before the exam. I was overloaded with work then and had no time to prepare.

My exam was scheduled for 8 o clock in the morning and I was awake till about 05.00 working on a program. Since I got only about 2 hours of sleep, I was in this weird half asleep/awake state, which had the effect that I was totally relaxed and did not have the bandwidth to track the time remaining etc. I just answered each question as it came up. I got the very last question in the quantitative section wrong because for the first and only time I checked the clock and found I had like 3 seconds to answer and so I panicked and randomly clicked an answer(which turned out to be wrong). Oh well.

Beyond the above I have nothing to say on the GRE. Don't bother asking.

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