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Sunday, July 09, 2006

My blog disappeared!

A few hours ago my blog began to turn up with an empty page! No content visible(but the posta re still visible form the admin interface). Hopefully the folks at blogger will fix this soon.

This is atest post to see if creating anew post will recover the blog! (or at least update the atom/rss feeds)

It has reappeared! But have lost all the minor tweaks like my blogroll. Aaaaaargh!!!! Oh well I am too busy now to do any template hacking. Fwiw, the mailing list reveals that many people are having this problem. Google/Blogpsot seems to lose your template once every so many updates (Java threads running amok methinks. Or some el crappo database like mysql screwingup?

The best defence is to maintain a copy of your template somewhere (and your posts too if you value them enough. I don't :-) ).


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I'm a regular reader of your blog. It has been blank for a few days. You're right, I think it was a problem with the template. Because my RSS reader was able to pull your blog even when it went blank.

Anonymous said...

Or some el crappo database like mysql screwingup?

Most likely some db admin who had not done his homework