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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Missing Comments Fixed

For some strange reason, some comments did not make it through to my mail account and were piling up in the blogger bin. Some of them were excellent (Mujib , S and some "anonymii" ) and have been approved while a few (all anonymous :-D) along the lines of "I hope you burn in hell, Pagan Devil Worshipper" "U R suXorz" etc have been deleted.

The latter are particularly interesting. I can't imagine someone having a life so empty that they first read a blog they don't like and then laboriously compose a "hate comment" and post it with the full knowledge that it will be deleted with a single mouseclick. Oh well, it takes all kinds to make a world, I guess! I get a laugh out of these outbursts of venom, so please keep sending them.

Apologies to those whose comments were in limbo. As to the person who wanted the comments to "popup" rather than be listed in the permalink page, sorry about that, but *I* hate popups. Still if enough readers want popups, I'll re consider the decision.

That ends the administrivia announcement. Have a nice day.


Anonymous said...

I could not stop myself from laughing my gut out when i read that some moron had posted a comment cursing you to burn in hell. Or may be i should be sorry, infact he is right, where else would we pagans/kaffirs go ? I'll see you by the fire, ravi :-).
May i request you to not delete such interesting comments? Your blog seems to a water hole to which all the beasts and birds arrive. Please give the naturalist in me (and others too )a chance to see all these strange " two legged" species that nature has created :-). So please don't delete such comments. It is a humble request.

Ravi said...


The problem with posting irrelevant comments, even when funny ,is two fold.

1)it encourages the writers. Unlike cockroaches, these folks like the light (of publicity). Writing page after page of hate mail which is dismissed by a single mouse click, often without even being read beyond the first line or so, is the best way to deal with these pests.

2. It detracts from the notion of "critcise the idea not the messenger".

For e.g. many people apparently think I am "denigrating" enterprise programming. This is really not true. I focus on the *practice* of enterprise programming, especially in the context of "great hordes of cheap programmers working offshore".

But, let us assume it is true and you disagree with what I ay. The correct response to such a conclusion is to point out the fallacy of my *argument* ( I am glad to be corrected and will publicly acknowledge the validity of a persuasive argument), not send a "U suXors" mail ("one mouse click" fixes that :-) ).

Having said all that, I should probably collect the funnier/most vicious comments and post them on a page somewhere


Anonymous said...


Some people never manage to grow up and insist on interfering in other peoples's lives rather than lead their own. Strange but true.

Deleting mails driven by anger or jealousy is the right thing to do. If some religious nut (or "enterprise" fanatic) wants to spend his life being angry at you, that is his problem not yours!

As for "criticising enterprise", from what I see the "enterprise" world could do with a wake up call now and then!

You have a great blog. Keep writing!