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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Indo Pak War - A Slightly Different Perspective

Read this and this. Whether one agrees with the author's (admittedly zany) ideas, these articles are a good counterweight to the hyperbole laden "patriotic" articles often found in the Indian Press.


Anonymous said...

Interesting. I hadn't thought the fact that China started the Sino-Indian War was in dispute, but apparently it is.

Ravi said...

I spoke to a retired intelligence officer who told me that India's policy of establishing (and moving forward) border posts led to the war. Apparently Chou en Lai did his best to get our leadership to see reason but was rebuffed.


hash said...

ohh man im still wasting my time. Back in 06', I did (re)search on Sino-Indian war on web, read 2-3 reports, spent like a week immersed in pdfs/webpages. Man if only I cud write well I cud put it up on my blog:(
You know what I think Nehru wud had given Aksai Chin to China(which IMHO was/is fair), but 'We' the democracy wudnt have seen the reason. ohh the Sino-Indian war is the greatest con trick we played, how I wish India's foreign policy was more principled.

ps: loved ur post of IITs, ur right its become even more pathetic, kids mugging up Qs at coaching centres and working so hard that they burn out by the time they start. And yes the gap between the first top 100(JEE) and the rest is a lot in general. Lots of below average IItians out here and there, such as me:p, though I quit enterprise sftwr job 2 yrs back, I still suck.
Ohh btw the girl ratio has improved, in Knp at least, the last time I visited, I felt an uneasy presence of girls, that too, to my shock, decent looking;)
pps: you just enabled comment moderation, the timing makes me wonder. Me?;)

Ravi said...


Comment moderation has been on for a few years now. :-) So you didn't cause it, don't worry :-)

Good to hear that IIT has more (and better looking ;-)) girls now.

As for writing 'well', believe me it is just practice. I have *no* inborn talent at anything. Most things people think I am good at, I have to work my butt off to get halfway decent.

Somewhere in this blog are examples of my "writing practice" where I take a paragraph from a book and rewrite it a few different ways till I am happy.