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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Startup !

It is official. My friend Rajesh and I just shook (virtual) hands over an interstate phone connection on an agreement to create a startup company.

Right now there is just the intent to create a startup. We were talking of various ideas and suddenly it was "Hey why don't we start a company and do this instead of talking about it?--Yeah ! makes sense! Let's do it. Pick a day to launch--How about April Fools Day?--I like it! ".

So don't ask "What are you building? " (I wouldn't tell you anyway :-)). We have, as always, many ideas being kicked around and both of us are quite ...errr... unstable in different ways so what we are doing will probably get nailed down hours before the launch of the company (slated for Aril 1, 2006 ,the Paperwork Gods consenting). I would expect that there will be a stealth mode for quite some time after the official launch. I have quite a bit of stuff to wind down before April.

I am looking forward to this. The dynamics of a Jedi/Sith alliance promises to be interesting. Our strengths and personalities are very complementary.

Oh yeah. I am finally getting that 17" PowerBook as well :-). This is going to be fun.