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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Laptop wars 2 - Macbook Pro Vs IBM Thinkpad

A brief update.

I am now thinking of buying either a MacBook Pro (if it comes out before Feb 28, the day my friend - who will bring it to Bangalore- leaves the USA) or an IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad (extremely well suited to Linux - multiple sources confirm that suspend to disk and power management work well and the Thinkpad has a reputaion for rugged construction). The Macbook will cost me about 2600$ (including taxes) and the Thinkpad should be about 1200$. The trouble with the macbook of course is that it is based on new hardware and Apple has historically had problems with new hardware with the 12 in iBook G3 having a particularly horrendous history.

In either case, I'll be buying the machine from the USA. Prices in India are insane with a surcharge of almost 25% on any model, the macbooks being particularly pricey. For that kind of price differential I could buy a 20 in cinema display in addition to the macbook. Anyone returning from the USA can bring in a laptop with no customs duty thus making it cheaper by about 25-30%. Duh! Am I the only one who thinks that is a particularly stupid way to run an economy? And India is going to be the 21 st century SuperPower? Yeah Right!