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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

[Politics] Tip Of The Hat To Israel

I like to think I am "centrist" when it comes to politics and that the world has shades of grey and is not all black and white.

However, in the present Israel/Lebanon-Hezbollah conflict, I sympathize with Israel.

The key characteristic of a nation is that it has (or should have) a monopoly of violence within its borders. As far as I can make out, the Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon was conditional on the *state* of Lebanon reigning in the Hezbollah.

If the Lebanese turn over a chunk of their territory to murdering fanatics trying to impose an archaic religious code on the rest of the world, they can't cry foul when people who lose patience with Allah's foot soldiers invade that territory. Either they control the territory, in which case they should be in control of their borders, not an Islamic militia. Alternatively they don't control it, in which case they have no business screaming about Israeli agression or invasion.

The Israelis, could in an ideal world, have shown a more nuanced approach, but I guess their patience has its limits.

this blog entry says it best.


Anonymous said...

read some history before you doff your hat. those rats have been occupying other's lands for several decades now. oh well, how can you ever understand that? your country too is an occupier. get out of kashmir and then preach.

Ravi said...

Generally I ignore trolls but this is so idiotic I had to respond.,

Israel "occupied" 'that land' ( I guess you mean the GAza strip)when the Arab armies who attacked Israel intending to "throw th Jews back into the sea" were crushed *in battle*. When you underestimate your enemy and start wars and then get your asses kicked , you lose land.

That's how history works.

How did Gaza become Muslim? During biblical times it was jewish land. Oh I forgot, the Arab armies *conquered it* in their overrunning of the Arabian Peninsula and Asia Minor.

Hmm so the Arabs conquered it. And that makes it their land.

The Ottoman Empire (the descendants of those early conquerors) sided with Germany in World War 1 *and lost*. The victors of that battle carved up the area into all the "countries" you see there today.

The victors of the SECOND world war created Israel through an United NAtions mandate. And then the Arabs ignored the mandate, started a war *and lost* (badly). So the Israelis own the land by the same claim every nation owns its land in the present day world. By conquest and holding on.

The more sensible Arab states made peace, got their conquered lands back (was that in teh history books you (did not ) read? ) and confined their Anti Israeli actions to rhetoric. Other morons continue to fight and get their asses kicked.

The *whole of* history is about people holding disposeessing others and holding onto that land.

The Arabs laid waste to Byzantium (in Modern day Turkey) So should they evacuate Turkey for the Romans(the original settlers)?

So my dear anonymous historical ignoramus, why don't you go and read some history first?

Now Hezbollah *may* defeat Israel and re conquer the land and hold it. (very unlikely but barely possible II guess) THEN they become the owners of that land.
Hezbollahstan, if it manifests, will be a source of fuel to the global jihad and will sooon get stomped but that is another story.

As to Kashmir, who is going to take it away from India? You and your jihadi friends?

Why don't you get some books on the Arab Israeli wars and then come back here? And make a logical argument for a change?


Anonymous said...


I think the anonymous chap has a point!

The Americans kicked the Red Indians into the reservations and "occupied" the American mainland and therefore should evacuate America and go back to Europe.

William the Conqueror overran the Saxons and "occupied" their country (England).The Normans never went back to France. So the English should evacuatetheir country and go back to France.

The Aryans should evacuate India and go back to the Russian Steppes.

hey perhaps we should all go to Africa where the human race originated and leave the rest of the world to the animals whose territories we "occupied" .

How 'bout that?

James said...

Coming back to the point of your original post Ravi, I read that and the blog about the marine in the bar. Just a week ago I would not have agreed with you.
But in the last week lots of other information has came out in the news about Hezbollahs building up of military capacity underground in southern Lebanon for years under the cover of peace.
I fear that you are right. Israel is a small country surrounded by enemies. In nature the smaller animal must be more ferocious and deadly than its larger predators in order to survive.
Although the targeting of civilians can never be justified by any side under any circumstances.