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Thursday, December 13, 2007

You can't catch up

One of my friends recently told me (I have interesting friends :-)) "Every time I meet you, you have moved further ahead in [area of focus], so how do I catch up with you?"

The answer == "You can't, unless (a) I stand still and wait for you to catch up - Why should I? (b) You figure out how to move a few hundred percent faster than me (Good luck with that)"

Imo, the right thing to do with life is not waste cycles "catching up" with other people. I'd rather do something that is uniquely mine. Competing with oneself is hard enough without wasting bandwidth on what other people are doing or how they are "drawing ahead" or whatever.


Darius Damalakas said...


At best, everyone should strive to achieve excellence at what they personally want to succeed in.

Anonymous said...

I agree that people should think what is good/bad for them and stirve to improve on "their development opportunities" rather than thinking what "others are doing" and wasting their time catching up on things which don't make sense for there career at all