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Monday, November 26, 2007

Books for 2008

These are the books I'll be working through in 2008.


Sonny Gill said...

Cool, I will be looking forward to you sharing some insights from all that reading.
BTW, I happened to be reading one of your old posts..and your comments on what makes a good manager at https://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=14853042&postID=112244471185855678 probably deserve a post of their own. Just a thought.. :)

Anonymous said...

I m surprised to see the second book (Intro to Algorithms).Your writings give the impression that you are already a master of algorithms. May be you could write an Indian version of that book :)

Ravi said...

as for comments, let sleeping comments lie

"Work through" != skim, != read, != "know fairly well"

And what would an "Indian version" of an algorithm book be? I can't parse that sentence at all

Dibs on Muad said...

"I m surprised to see the second book (Intro to Algorithms).Your writings give the impression that you are already a master of algorithms."

The implication is that once you are a master of something, you don't need to go back to the basics ever again.

Lets apply this analogy to
a. Music. A musician need not practice chords or scales ever again after a few concerts.

b. Martial Arts. A black belt does not practice punches or kicks once he is a black belt.

Show me a master who does not practice the fundamentals of his/her art and I'll show you a charlatan.

Here is another exercise. Read a book. Think as you read. Go read a few more books. Now read the original book again. How have your perceptions changed?

Ravi said...

Good Point.

But since I never claimed to be a be a "master", I can do whatever I want anyway!

And right now I *want to* work through "Algorithms" and that's all the reason I need.

Dibs on Muad said...

I did notice that it might come across this way and I wanted to keep my post short. Here is the rest of what I wanted to tell Mr. Anonymous.

In this particular scenario (of practicing the basics), what applies to the master applies more so to the student. I don't know if Ravi is a master of algorithms or not. It does not matter.

Ravi, alright. I'll stop drawing analogies where there are none! What you are saying is plain and simple. You want to do something and you are doing it! Good Luck!

Mr. Anonymous, in the movie "What women want," Mr. Gibson is almost driven insane as he slowly comes to terms with his new found "gift." Bombarded by the amplified thoughts of every woman along his way, he stumbles to work only to finally run into his bimbo secretaries. He cannot believe his ears as the three of them stare at each other in absolute silence. Your comment, Mr. Anonymous, reminds me of that scene :)

Like the bimbos, it lacked a surprising degree of depth and triggered the response mechanism in my brain. Apologies :)