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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Paul Graham On Enterprise Software

From his latest essay

"If you don't think you're smart enough to start a startup doing something technically difficult, just write enterprise software. Enterprise software companies aren't technology companies, they're sales companies, and sales depends mostly on effort."

I like the "just" in "just write enterprise software".

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Anonymous said...

""I like the "just" in "just write enterprise software".""

Interesting observation :)

It got me thinking.. Dont you think it really has to do more with the people involved.

Paul Graham wrote Viaweb, He wrote it in LISP and probably involved some highly technical problems in there..

Imagine if he "outsourced" it to one of the Indian so called "Software" houses. They would have looked at it as an Enterprise Application project. I dont see how else they can see any problem

Typical considerations would be :)

- J2EE project
- Struts
- Hibernate
- New Crap some one else has come up with

I guess the basic problem is that, till date, not a single person, company, group of friends.. has produced something out of their own interest..

It always looks like the Donkey following the Carrot !

Is there no creativity in that part of the world ??