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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Decline and Fall Of India

The present government has proposed an utterly idiotic caste-based reservation in higher education and in private industry. In other words, get ready to fill in a religion/caste form to determine if you'll get an IIT admission, get a job, get promoted etc.

Atanu says it much better than I can. Read. Learn.

Well, I vote with my feet. I am getting out of this stupid country next year.

[tongue attached to cheek mode on]I wonder if China issues citizenships to foriegners. Of course I'd be arrested in 10 days for "anti communist beliefs" but it would be fun while it lasted. Might be worth considering if China ever became a democracy[tongue attached to cheek mode off]


Anonymous said...

Are we asking for Ekalavya’s thumb so that we Arjunas can stand in the
frontline? There will be injustices in any system. What if there are more people who are economically backward are backward in caste as well? Is the Mandal commission correct in what they are doing? If
there are 90 people out of 100 getting benefited justly due to this correction isn’t it worth it? 10 people will get benefited unduly. In the same way 10 people may loose. We can’t say anything till we have the numbers. The son of a farmer who suicides in Andhra Pradesh will
not have ‘merit’ and he may even be lower than a SC/ST. If he gets an entry, wouldn’t his future generations produce people who have merit by themselves?

I, too, think that dividing people based on caste, race, etc is crap. But if India is soaked in such a system for a long time and if the easiest way to help people is to play the same game, then, why not?

Ravi said...

"Are we asking for Ekalavya’s thumb so that we Arjunas can stand in the

This is a totally foolish analogy. In the Mahabharatha, Ekalavya was a better archer than Arjuna. The injustice done to him is an argument for pure merit. When you use a rhetorical device, be careful that it actually supports your argument.

All these 90-10 and "if-then-but" arguments cloak the perpetuation of the massive injustice in the name of "social justice". Occam's RAzor suggests that the contents of the Bernard Shaw quote is a better explanation.

Instead of trying to eliminate the caste system, the govermnet is trying to perpetuate it. Fine. All I'm saying is "*I* have had enough. *I* walk. "