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Friday, September 16, 2005

Darth Ravi, Jedi Rajesh, And The Craftsmanship Manuscript

Dave Hoover blogs about getting feedback on his book. Rajesh and I have been reviewing Dave and Ade's forthcoming book.

At one point I said,

" ...Rajesh probably is more suited to chime in here than me. The standing joke amongst us is that Rajesh is the Jedi - basically a good guy focussed on people and I am the Sith - focussed on pragmatism and effectiveness ...We Sith have to be with two of us against an army of wimpy Jedi

And then, after seeing some of my "tear apart the material and point at every hole in the structure and logic " style reviews and Rajesh's more "softly, softly" approach, Dave started calling me "Darth Ravi" (and Rajesh, "Jedi Rajesh").

I like it! Now to get one of those shiny Vader masks to breathe through ...


Anonymous said...

I ve been going thru ur blog for the last two days. It is very interesting and thought provoking. You seem to write with a lot of zeal and conviction. Iam really curious and may i ask you sir, who you are, where you are and what you do ? Your profile does not provide any info.
Sir, have you ever thot of writing a book or writing for magazines? I strongly feel that you should share your thoughts with a wider audience. I got to know about your blog from my friend sundaresh and now i shall be passing this on to my friends and colleagues.

Ravi said...

Thank you for the kind words.

As to some details about me, I write software for a living .
These days I work as an independent consultant.Before this, I worked in a few companies here in Bangalore, with a stint in the USA along the line.

While I have worked with some of the best minds in enterprise programming, I found I was not being challenged enough by the work and broke free. These days I work on Product Devlopment, mostly but not always with an AI component. I can't really speak about what I am working on thanks to confidentiality agreements in place, but suffice to say it is very interesting work.

Future plans include, at the moment, writing some open source software, and doing a PhD (if I can get into a decent University. Given that I will have excellent reccomendations but poor academic scores that will be an interesting story to watch).

As for writing a book, if time permits, I plan to publish a book online in early 2006.Let us see how that fares.

Other interests are wargaming(see http://www.indiawargamers.com, the home page of a club I founded),music (guitar, these days mostly classical) and History.

Hopefuly that is information enough.