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Friday, July 29, 2005

Help me Find a book please ( Kramik Pustak Malika by Prof. Vishnu Narayan Bhatkhande )

I looked for this book both online and offline,but couldn't find a copy.Basically the book is "a six volume work ..of major archival significance. It is basically a collection of notated compositions, grouped according to the Ragas in which they are composed. It contains 1849 compositions in 189 Ragas. To this day there is no compendium of traditional compositions which comes close to it for variety and accuracy. " according to this site .

As far as i can make out this book is quite easy to find in North India .Jaipur University even prescribes at as a textbook in their Music Degree courses . Alas, I am in the distant South(Bangalore) where the dominant musical system is the Carnatic system .If anyone can get a copy for me ,(or even have a copy they wish to sell), I will be glad to pay the cost and postage charges. Please contact me at magicindian AT yahoo DOT com and we can work out the arrangements.

Let us see if the blogosphere helps where traditional bookshops have fallen down .


Anonymous said...

It would be difficult to define in words - how i felt - reading your comment on my Blog. In short - i felt honored. I am kind of a fan of yours - you are one of the first people whom i started reading when i got to Blogging. Seeing your comment on my Blog and the fact that you have another 'personal' Blog simply enthused me and here i am. I hope to read you more frequently now.

Just out of curiosity - how did you locate that i had commented about your blog :)

Thanks for letting me have your blog link.

Ravi said...

Crazy_Joy(feels weird to address a person like that),my server logs showed that someone had come to my site from yours so i wandered over to take a look, and left a comment

Shivani,Thank You . The ragas are from Hindustani Music which are far from exclusively Hindu.Hindustani Music is a synthesis of The Indian and Persian "styles" of Music and many of the UStads were/are Muslim . Eg: Ustad Amjad Ali Khan .I wil update this entry if i ever get my hands on the book.

Good Luck With Your blog !

Karthik said...

I am a fan of Indian classical music and I was searching for a good site on the same. The link that you have provided is I think just what I wanted. Thanks a lot.

P.S : One request - please send me some more good links if you have them.