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Tuesday, January 18, 2005


I came across Run Away Screaming

so.... having nothing better to do .. i wrote

When they sell you as cheap Indians
Then tell you "you are   cool"
And Power is for Caucasians
And the PM is a bigger fool
You want to RunAwayScreaming....

When they tell you "we do XP"
And tell you "bill more hours"
And ship code that is buggy
To folks in Ivory Towers
You want to RunAwayScreaming....

When you ask for a laptop
And they form a Committee
And talk and argue till they drop
About if you are worthy
you want to RunAwayScreaming....

when for every new situation
someone makes complex laws
and a PHB fascination
becomes the latest  Cause
you want to RunAwayScreaming....

When body count is the Holy Grail
And "suck up" the success path
More Process leads to  "How to scale"
and Logic invokes wrath
you want to RunAwayScreaming....

yes it sucks!! i know .

but this is my blog and i can write what I want ! so there!

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