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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Rajesh Babu goes (quietly) ballistic

Quietly Ballistic? !!! Yes! Read On!

A self proclaimed "rails evangelist" went to a conference where someone was talking about seaside and proceeded to make snarky comments from the back row about how seaside has a lot of stuff built into it. Anyone see the irony of a rails evangelist making fun of seaside for having a lot of features? I did.I thought of writing a blog entry about this but then decided that the resulting bad blood was probably not worth it.

Rajesh , being a much nicer person than I am reacted to the situation much more effectively (and creatively). He created a "photo cartoon". (Go on, take a look).

Duck Typing and "cool" ducks talking about static type systems being ineffective!! ROTFL!

Lesson Learned: Humor can be more effective than huge blog posts and lots of logic. And way more concise.

Hey Rajesh, what tool did you use to create that cartoon? I guess some kind of apple osx magic? I guess it should be easy to whip up some kind of OS tool to do the same.

Another of Rajesh's 'cartoons', on the "DSL is cool ! Oh My GOD!" phenomenon.

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Rajesh Babu said...

It was created using Comic Life from Plasq. At this point of time, it is available only on OS X. People have been requesting Plasq for a windows port, so far nothing has been announced. It should be possible to write a similar tool in other platforms too.

Rajesh Babu