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Friday, January 27, 2006

Don't buy Apple laptops (if you value your money)

See this or this. Read on to the section which reveals how Apple responded to a perfectly valid customer complaint. (For those too lazy to read, a large number of customers reported that their powerbooks have a terrible sound problem and Apple responds by saying "To avoid this, run only one audio application at a time.")

DUH???? !!!!!!!!

As one commenter said on Digg,

"...We still say Apple is ignoring the issue because their support doc actually asks Powerbook owners with this issue to: "only use one audio program at a time." Well, I'm sorry but if I'm paying $2500, I'm damn sure going to run more than one program at a time on it. That's just a blatant doc to say "We don't want to get to the heart/spend the resources to solve the actual problem." Simply unacceptable. ..."

Of course, this is by no means the only problem reported on batches of powerbooks. Another one Apple chooses to ignore to this day is that of horizontal lines on the display (click on the picture to see magnified version).

And all this is about the powerbook, the laptop with the "stable" architecture and NOT the macbook pro (which is the "cutting edge" machine and still hasn't been released).

In essence Apple seems to send out random batches of crud hardware with an Operating system which is potentially awesome but stll has quite a few bugs.

What adds insult to injury is Apple's "There's really nothing wrong here. Just run one app at a time/we don't see any horizontal lines" type responses. Making mistakes is acceptable. Not owning up to them and not fixing them is not. It increasingly look like people will soon switch away from Apple, possibly back to Wintel machines! (I personally am looking forward to running Ubuntu on IBM's excellent hardware. Windows is sub-optimal for everything except games and Office).

I refuse to pay Apple good money for unreliable, crappy, overpriced hardware. I was almost tempted to get a MacBookPro but I did enough research to conclude that Macs are nowhere near robust as the much vilified "commodity" laptops.

Large numbers of people buy apple machines because truly excellent software (for music and graphics especially) is available on them. Selling machines with screwy displays and sound would seem to be a good way to alienate them and make sure they never buy an Apple again.

We live in very strange times.